Goats' Page

Why We Don't Blog

Because Millie does. End of story.

Other Blogs We Would Read if  our Humans Weren't so Selfish with the Netbooks

Capricious Behavior - The inspiring exploits of Pickles and Olive. Someday we will break free and find them and visit. We just have to find a weak spot in the fence.

Farmer Chick - Other Nigerian Dwarves who live in the suburbs of Western Washington just like we do! We have their owner's blog to thank for the nice hog fuel in our play yard.

Goat Justice League - I wonder how many of us live in suburban and urban backyards in the Pacific Northwest because of the blogging of this woman way back when. I know it's what got OUR owner all agitated to get us.

Cudzoo Farm  - Just pictures. And we don't understand using blog space on pictures of dogs. What is it with that? Still, they have goats, and plenty of nice goat pictures, so we're totally jealous. Our owner needs to take notes and get a better camera. Just sayin'.

Goat Philosophy 101 - Marigold is a mini-Nubian with Deep Thoughts. Being a mini-Nubian means that your daddy was a Nigerian, so you can see where any profundity comes from. She also has an owner with cancer like we do. We suspect this means substandard care in our case, so we would like to read Marigold's blog more frequently to check this theory. We really need our own barn internet connection. And perhaps an Ipad.

Our Lineage

Camanna AYW Selkie Santolina

Dam: Camanna RHB Blue Delilah
Sire: Dragonfly MX As You Wish "Westley"

Pholia Farm HB Chardonay

Dam: SG Pholia Farm OD Sangria
Sire: GCH AGS Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye

Camanna COC Sarabi Saffron 6/24/2011 - 7/22/2013

                            1 month old

                                                                                                               1 year old

                        2 years old

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