Sunday, October 12, 2014

Every Once in Awhile, An Amazing Resource

This summer, when I was thinking about the upcoming homeschool year, I was googling . . . I don’t even remember what. A particular book or workbook, who knows? But I bumped into the website of a homeschooling mother who has so generously shared very nice schedules for several subjects. These are rich in options and resources, and the more I clicked around, the happier I got. We ended up using her Biology scheduling/resources, American History 2 for the younger two here, and one of her Bible curricula.

At this point, the children are very much enjoying these. I have in particular been underwhelmed by the Biology texts I’ve used – this uses an online text but incorporates many other resources from videos to online labs to in-life labs.

She has a tip jar which I intend to use, but doesn’t ask for anything. She says she’s been blessed in life and wants to bless back :-). I’ve got a new hero!

This is a link to her website, but I'll also leave her button under "blogroll" --->

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