Sunday, May 25, 2014

Selkie had Four!

Selkie, who as you remember had one tiny doe last year, managed four kids this delivery! Whew. They range from 2.3 pounds to 3.7 pounds, and are as cute as can be. In order of birth:
C360_2014-05-25-11-04-35-743Luma Peganon, the smallest

Piper Galega, next smallest

Kuzco (boy), second largest

Demi Sudapa, youngest and biggest!

Selkie did beautifully. The boy was breech, so there was some drama there. The children are living out in the barnlet today :-). Only the boy is nursing well, though, so I’m back out to the barnlet to see if we can’t bottle some colostrum into them.

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Missy the Goat said...

Aww, how cute. Congrats!