Sunday, May 25, 2014

Selkie had Four!

Selkie, who as you remember had one tiny doe last year, managed four kids this delivery! Whew. They range from 2.3 pounds to 3.7 pounds, and are as cute as can be. In order of birth:
C360_2014-05-25-11-04-35-743Luma Peganon, the smallest

Piper Galega, next smallest

Kuzco (boy), second largest

Demi Sudapa, youngest and biggest!

Selkie did beautifully. The boy was breech, so there was some drama there. The children are living out in the barnlet today :-). Only the boy is nursing well, though, so I’m back out to the barnlet to see if we can’t bottle some colostrum into them.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Poor Abandoned Blog

My goodness, looking at the date of my last post is just sad! So much has been going on, and the nausea really continued unabated, and often worse than ever, so pretty much all of my time and energy goes to keeping everything running. I did manage to get one little home project done – I’ll do a separate blog post for that.

I had another endoscopy just about a month ago. It worried me greatly because the ulcers had returned, and I thought, “If the ulcers have returned, that must be because the H. Pylori has returned, and if the H. Pylori has returned, has the lymphoma as well?” It was a lonnnnnnng two weeks waiting for results; finally I just went in and got a copy of my pathology results and was very, very relieved to see that no H. Pylori was found, and no active lymphoma found, either. Because of the ulcers, I launched into a modified GAPS intro diet. Something that I removed by doing that has caused the nausea to dial way, way down. I am worried that it might be the dairy :-(. Not so much anything other than cheese – I am a cheese adorer. All kinds of cheeses, from caves in France to fields in Eatonville, Little Boy Blue to Beecher’s Flagship. We’ll see. I removed a boatload of stuff at the same time. If you know GAPS, you’re barely eating anything at first.

Anyway, the goat-girls’ pregnancies have proceeded to the point that they’re now days away from delivery. I actually suspect Selkie will go within the next couple of days. Chardonnay was bred a little later. Last pregnancy, when Selkie just had the one tiny girl, it was hard to tell she was even pregnant. This time, we can stand in our kitchen, one floor above the backyard, and  look down into the barn and see her babies move! She will lie there, and when her stomach rolls around, she’ll turn her head and stare at her belly. We’re not sure if this is a “what on earth is that” or a “would you please cut that out?!!”

IMG_0571definitely more than one in there!

Chardonnay, on the other hand, is unfazed by the whole pregnancy thing. Her last birth, before we had her, was a set of triplets, so I guess she’s done with the whole amazement-at-baby-gymnastics gig. I will admit personally to being a little less amazed at every movement by the time pregnancy, say, seven rolled around.

Here’s Chardonnay chilling in the shade of the barn:


If you’re wondering why Selkie has a nice summer trim and Chardonnay is winter shaggy, I started to trim them both, but dropped and broke the trimmer in between goats! Arghh. Selkie was much, much shaggier though, so thankfully I did her first. I will naturally be posting birth stories and adorable baby goat pics any day now :-). Nothing like spring to bring back blogging motivation!