Monday, December 2, 2013

Odd Ducks


About a week before our cross-country trip, our ducks started moulting. Feathers were everywhere – the backyard looked like giants had been in a pillow fight. When ducks moult, they don’t lay eggs (my understanding, anyway), so I thought nothing of it that they weren’t laying. When we came back from the trip, though, they were al nicely feathered out, and still no laying. This seemed odd. The weather hadn’t turned yet – it was still August. Hmmm. I had the boys search our property (remember, we live on a regular suburban lot, not like they were searching the back 40 or anything), but no egg-stashes found.

Fast forward. All autumn long, no laying. I began muttering about loud stinky pets. Then yesterday, Gareth had to climb into our hay storage to bring fresh hay forward. He found a pile of five eggs! We have no idea when they were laid, no idea how the duck(s) got into the hay storage, and I very strongly suspect that there are other caches we just haven’t found.

One fresh egg this morning in the hay storage. What a mystery.

Haven’t posted goat pics recently, have I? We had labs re-drawn last week, and as soon as we get negative results confirmed, we are hope-hope-hoping someone will be kindly disposed to breeding them. They are both super fluffy right now for the cold weather, which is good since some of those milking mornings have been in the twenties!

Araminta with the goaties, all three looking fluffy for the winter:

mintachardonnay Chardonnay says, “Smile girls!”

smilechardonnay Selkie the Grouch walks off in disgust at this suggestion

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