Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SO much sewing

Every year, same thing . . . we say we’ll start sewing earlier for the winter reenacting season but forget to see exactly who has grown out of what early enough in the equation. This year was particularly brutal, as everyone had grown out of clothing but Sophia, and the Candlelight event isn’t one where we can just borrow last minute out of the clothing cupboard at the Fort. We didn’t end up needing to do one of our infamous five-females-sewing-all-night events, but Clara and Sophia and I did have a couple of nights into the wee hours of the morning.

Gareth has longed to be a “pusher” for one of these events – helping to guide the tours through – so we figured this was a good time to not have to update his wardrobe. He had an enjoyable two evenings doing that, but there is no picture of him in a sweatshirt and jeans, oops. He took photos of us, a couple smiling which did not turn out, then we remembered that ladies back in the day did not smile for the camera. One often hears “they had to sit still so they couldn’t smile” or “they had bad teeth”, but the truth is, when you look at contemporaneous commentary, smiling for the camera (or even just walking around smiling) was seen as a sign of idiocy. Here we are trying to look non-idiotic (you’ll notice that fifty years of being scolded for not smiling have so conditioned me that I still smirk):

sepia nisqually candlelight 2013

Lucida looks pouty, but that was just her “serious” face ;-). At any rate, those are new dresses on Clara, Araminta, Lucinda, and I, and Mama has a new bonnet. Beaded in the back and rabbit fur laboriously sewn onto the brim (I was sneezing for days doing that), but as I was the only one outdoors at this cold evening event, I got the hat. Well, actually, Clara was outdoors as well, but dancing, so she kept very warm.

A lovely time was had by all, and almost a week later, some feeling is returning to our needle fingers!

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