Sunday, September 1, 2013

“What About the New Goat?”

Yeah, haven’t blogged about her, have I . . . not a minute around here, I tell you. But yes, naturally we needed a new goat, and super fast at that. We had to bring Selkie back after our trip, and had to rustle up a goat quickly so poor Gareth didn’t have to camp in the barn. One goat is a lonely goat, and as we all know, Selkie is a screecher.

When you shop for a goat with plenty of time, things are different, but I’m pretty happy with the goat we ended up with. Her name is Chardonnay, and she is just Selkie’s age. She came from a farm that is a state certified raw milk dairy, so they test yearly for the diseases we're now paranoid about, and she had triplets in June, so is currently in milk. She actually doesn’t give as much as either of our two original goats, but I’m OK with where we are. She is an example of a most stellar milky pedigree that just didn’t quite pay off in the way one would hope, but there’s time yet to develop more capacity, and it’s not fair to judge her by Sarabi.

Thing about Chardonnay is that she has the sweetest personality, and wow did our barn need that. Selkie has just gotten more dictatorial after her sojourn bossing around two young does. We thought that perhaps Chardonnay would be herd queen, as she’s quite a bit larger and had some fighting tricks up her slee .  . . err, hoof . . . that Selkie didn’t know. But after a good week of being butted around the yard, Chardonnay just gave in, obviously thinking it just wasn’t worth the effort anymore.
Here she is being a model goat and eating our blackberry vines, which is beneath Her Highness Selkie’s dignity:


And here she is wanting a little chat after being milked:


Glad to have her around.