Friday, August 9, 2013

“Trip of a Lifetime”

We do a beach trip each summer that’s two or sometimes three days, but we haven’t done a longer vacation since we visited The Patriarch’s mom back in . . . gosh, 2004? So when our eldest, Malcolm, became engaged, we knew we’d have to drive it and decided to take our time coming home and see some of the country. We’ve been planning for months, and now, 4500 miles later, we’re home. I’m going to do any posts on the trip in reverse order so you don’t have to scroll up, and if you’re not from our family, these will likely bore you to tears, so feel free to skip :-). I also don’t have the professional wedding pictures at this point, so I think I’ll hold off on a wedding post until those are available.

Heading out, all excited. We would eventually have moments of being so heartily sick of the van, but it was at long last time to take off!


Only time I’ll mention my health here, but wow. They had put me on Reglan for the nausea a few days before we left. I had side effects that now that we’re back and I can google, I see are not that unusual. I had increasing anxiety (I would never commit suicide but had many thoughts about understanding the temptation) which became panic attacks around heights/curves in the road. Which . . . let me just say we drove over the Rockies twice, the Cascades twice, and vacationed in Montana. Poor Patriarch, can you imagine? I was the only other driver – at least I was able to drive still during the first bulk of the trip, but these side effects got worse over time. I did stay on the Reglan, though, since it made the nausea go away entirely every afternoon. Mornings were brutally bad, however. I will be going off of it now but didn’t dare while we were still vacationing!

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