Friday, August 9, 2013

The Kindness of People

As we came up to the very last seconds of preparation before our huge trip to the Midwest, the situation with Sarabi left us with a panicky problem. The breeder who was going to board Selkie let us know late Saturday that she just didn’t feel comfortable boarding her, as she had no experience with Johnes and didn’t have time to get up to speed before we left first thing Tuesday morning. While we understood, this did leave us frantically phoning around looking for somewhere for her to stay.

It occurred to me to ask the super sweet buyer of Cupcake and Butternut, although that felt really weird . . . “hi, we’ve met twice ever, but would you babysit our goat for two weeks starting tomorrow?”.

But yes, they would and did. People are really extraordinarily wonderful sometimes, aren’t they? Selkie isn’t back yet, as I’m scrambling to find her a companion goat tested Johnes-free, and the boys are doing the Mother of All Barn Clean-Outs, but she is having a wonderful time with her daughter and Sarabi’s daughter. This picture was sent to us on our phones on the trip:


Aren’t Butternut and Cupcake getting so big? They seem so happy and well cared for as well. It makes my heart warm every time I think about this <3. Just wanted to post that preamble before I started blogging about our trip, because it was such an amazing gesture when options were all gone.

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