Saturday, May 4, 2013

This will be an Odd Garden Year

All fall and winter, each time we cleaned out the barn, I directed the boys to toss the used straw and goat/duck poop on the garden beds. Merrily thinking, “Oh boy, won’t they be so fertile? Yay!”

Never crossed my mind to actually look this up, and as it turns out, used barn bedding has to either be composted or sit on the bed a year before that bed is used for food crops.


A few beds avoided my attention, and I’ll plant those, but most of the beds are useless this year. Fortunately, it furthermore occurred to us that this would be a great opportunity for Araminta and Lucinda to plant the flowers they’ve been wanting to plant.

They have gotten the seed into the ground, and we’ll see what comes up. It’ll be a fun little change, and we’ll still have a small amount of food, so it does all work. Stay posted for pictures of flower beds this year, hopefully (some of the seed packages had tricky planting instructions which we blithely ignored).

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Storybook Woods said...

Oh pooh (he, hee) how frustrating. I did not know that and probably would have done the same as you!! Clarice