Friday, May 24, 2013

Painting the Fireplace

Downstairs, we have pretty brick. But upstairs, it was this uniform brick with a bright brass fireplace surround:


Sorry about the little mirror – it was something we threw up there when a picture frame broke and just never moved it. Something had to be done – this is just not an attractive look. If you’ve seen my last three posts, you’re probably guessing I painted it in Annie Sloan, Mod Podged on a graphic, painted the metal in Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze, and dark waxed it (snort . . . ). Well, two out of four anyway. Annie Sloan “French Grey” and Rustoleum ORB. We had a mirror we’d picked up for $10, seen here ready for painting, which I did in Old Ochre and dark wax (plus a glue-on wood decal):




As you can see, we still need some quarter-round molding on the floor (and fix the broken pane), but wow, what a difference. You can guess that this was the biggest shocker for the Patriarch when he walked in from his trip, eh?


caulistats said...

Wow, I LOVE how the bricks and the fireplace surround look now! Very nice!

caulistats said...

Oops, didn't mean to insinuate that I don't also like the mirror. :-)