Saturday, May 4, 2013

Milestone for our “Herd”

Can you call it a “herd” if you have two goats? Well, we have a herd name, and I’m not sure how else to refer to it. “Our pair”? How about “Our collection”?


a) Sorry about the over-a-month silence, and

b) We did have a milestone.


We sold the babies! Yayy, the first goats to go out under our herd name. We had the most wonderful first sale ever, I’m certain. Just as I was gearing up to put them on Craigslist, the fabulous Kristin at the blog Farmer Chick messaged me. She had had someone talk to her about buying some goats, but all of Kristin’s crop from this year were sold or spoken for. Would I be interested in speaking to Maria, the potential buyer?

Well yeah.

The doelings went to just the nicest place ever. Maria and her husband were dream buyers and the girlies are well on their way to being spoiled, in the best possible way. They have two acres to run on, and best of all, they went together. Here is a picture Maria sent(used by permission):

tire spool

I know every sale won’t leave us feeling so happy, but this first transition was a great one.

We were surprised by the lack of screaming on their mothers’ parts, as well. The first day they both wanted Gareth with them all day. Nobody else would do. Fortunately it was a very lovely day, and he camped out in their area with a math book and his Kindle:


They both seemed a little pensive and depressed at first, although they’re pretty much back to normal now.





Bye bye, little goats. We’ll miss you. Produce a ton of wonderful sweet goat milk for your new owners, and be fabulous foundation stock for their herd.




Anonymous said...

That's wonderful you found a good home for the babies. I hate selling goats, that's why I have 5 grown 'babies' as pets. Laverne

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a sweet new home setting they have, too.