Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cat Was Away

When The Patriarch goes away on a trip, I can never sleep . . . this has always been the case, and he was career Army so there were plenty of separations. Early in our marriage I realized that when he’s gone, I fall asleep at 3 am. So also early on, I realized that his trips were good opportunities to paint a room, sew some children’s clothes, get something done in the wee hours. I got large swathes of painting done during those military years.

If you’ve been reading here awhile, you’ll remember awhile back when he went to visit his mother, I painted the kitchen cabinets and sanded a wall in preparation for making it a chalkboard.

You know where this is heading, right? Yup, he just spent almost a week visiting Mother over Mother’s Day. I did a bunch of projects and will divide them out in a few posts. The whole situation with the cancer nausea is so strange. I got progressively more and more nauseated through this, but I am very susceptible to increased nausea when tired, so there was no way around it. And I’d just HAD IT with nothing getting done, had it.

So we did a bunch. I had my helpers, with the exception of Clara and Nigel, who are deep in finals. They are our strong people, so they’d leave the books for a minute to lift something for us, but that was the extent of it. Araminta, Lucinda, and Gareth really kept at it and we’re all happy with the “surprise” for the Patriarch (although frankly, after decades of this, he does know something will be different on his return).

Posts ahead!

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