Sunday, March 10, 2013

A New Set

So . . . I forgot to mention that this gives us our second set of “four teens”

005 16, 13, 19, 14


009 Previous set :-)

I keep trying to do the math to figure out if we’ll ever have a set of five and get so helplessly bogged down in birthmonths that I give up every time. Guess life will have to surprise me that way.


caulistats said...

Not to ruin the surprise ;-), but... no, you won't, because S will turn 20 before L has a chance to turn 13. Your last new set of four will hit in roughly a year and a half, and that will be it for quartets unless you adopt! :-)

Great pictures! So fun to see your new set!

Kimberly said...

Oh, thank you for doing that bit of math! I could have assigned it to one of our math-gifted children but that would have been guilt-generating as they're buried under piles of awful math currently in their respective schools.

These quartets never last too long, either. Sets of three are much more common around here - Eldest was even a part of one, as will Tarquin be, despite their chronologically-removed bookend placement (each being 4 years removed from nearest sibling).

When I was doing the math to figure that one out, I was using years like 2020. The older I get, the more science-fictionlike the years seem!