Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Do They Do That?

After a hilarious yet frustrating “photo shoot” (that would be in quotation marks since it yielded few usable photos and a whole lotta blur), I am left wondering how goat breeders take those baby shots . . . from the Camanna website, where we bought Selkie and Sarabi, a photo of Sarabi as a few-day-old baby:

Sarabibaby photo by Anna Brown

And Selkie:

selkiebabyphoto by Anna Brown


I don’t know. Thumbtacks? Super sticky stuff on their wee hooves? Sedatives?


Here are some sorry attempts at daughter shots:



CAM00625   CAM00626

CAM00623Look at her face: “You have GOT to be joking” 


I think you get the gist.

I did no better chasing them around the yard trying to get a side shot, but here’s a gratuitous cute shot of Butternut Rue:


And one of BluPearl Cupcake:


They are at a very fun age. Butternut spends her whole day trying to jump on anything (the entire time I was attempting to photograph Cupcake she was jumping up on my back and eating my hair):

CAM00579    CAM00621

Although she’s quite cuddly, too. If you sit down where she can’t leap on your back, she’ll happily climb into your lap and snuggle in. Cupcake, maybe just because she’s a week younger, is a bit shyer or more reserved. She will happily sit in a lap when picked up, but she won’t ask for it. She’s gaining now, though, and doesn’t look so gaunt, so that’s a relief.

Sigh. Any reader with some pro trick to photographing goats, let me know, OK?


goatfarmer said...

Both topnotch adorable.

Kimberly said...

Thank you! I did lobby hard for naming Cupcake "Herb of Grace Crumpet Fan" but got firmly overruled. My family has no appreciation of the Finer Things. I have obviously gone wrong somewhere as a mother . . .

goatfarmer said...


Anonymous said...

The only way I can figure Anna gets those pics is she waits till they lay down for a nap then as soon as they fall asleep she scoops them up and they are in a daze and stand there for a few seconds, lol.

Kimberly said...

Oooo, you're brilliant! Of course, the little girls are now gangly non-babies, but I'm still going to try that :-)