Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Last Bottle

The time came for Tarquin last night. The last bottle. He is just turned 6 1/2, who would have imagined all of this? He is still in “food therapy” but we will be discontinuing that when this round of insurance funding runs out; it hasn’t been very successful. What is done there is all stuff we can and do do at home. Star charts, small rewards for number of bites, etc. We’re left where we started. Not only does he have few foods that he’s not allergic to, but what is different for Tarquin is that he has so many aversions. We are unable to trial foods in the first place because, as he always says, “Ewwww! That would taste like duck poop!!!!" Guess we shouldn’t have fed him that duck poop, eh? Sigh.

So this is what he currently can eat, first foods, then spices:

Potatoes, rice, sunbutter (although he hates it and this is one he’ll only eat under duress), apples/applesauce, turkey, grapes, carrots, and onions.

Spices/oils are: coconut, olive, sunflower, and palm oils. Salt, pepper, cinnamon, sugar, garlic powder, and baking powder (aluminum free).

That is the entire list of foods he can and will eat. It is a lot longer than the list Araminta and Lucinda started with, but at least they had something from every major food category! You will note no green vegetables, and like the girls, no source of calcium. The girls get their calcium through fortified hemp milk, and Tarquin is safe for that as well but hates the taste.

Quite to my relief, we have found a safe children’s multivitamin. It is expensive, and he’ll only eat the red ones (another eyeroll here), but wow, that takes an edge off the panic I was feeling over the last of the formula!



So that’s an update on Tarquin’s diet. Still not really getting anywhere, and honestly, all he wants to eat is potatoes, everything else involves coercion of some sort. If you look at the list of his foods, one thing you might notice is that all of the flavors are bland. He never did transition in toddlerhood to Neocate’s flavored allergenic liquid diets. The girls drank something that at the time was called EO-28, now called “Splash” and in boxes that look like juice boxes and in various flavors. We tried several times when he was younger, and also tried the chocolate formula the company makes, but he always refused the flavored stuff. The formula he drinks is just . . . formula flavored. So for the first five years of his life he just had formula (well, and nursing the first six months until he was too flared to continue) and he’s never switched on the mental switch to accepting flavors.

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