Sunday, January 6, 2013


My main Christmas present this year was a picture on the Patriarch’s phone of a shopping cart with boards, which he said would become a milking stand “in a couple of weeks”. Well, earlier this week, guess what showed up in our living room?

Another huge thank-you to our friend Mr. J and also to his family, who loaned him to this project for an entire one of their Christmas vacation days.

I used the spoon oil to water-resist the open wood portions, and where siding had been used, painted and polyurethaned. Here it is!



I spent this afternoon getting the “milk parlor” cleaned up and ready. The countdown is on: Sarabi’s official due date is January 18th, but Nigerians usually don’t go quite as long as other breeds. The website of the farm our girls came from says that day 148 is typical for them, which would be January 16th. And day 145 is a timeframe I see a lot for Nigerians, as well, which would put her at January 13th, which is one week away.

Selkie, who you might remember was maybe pregnant, is now forming an udder and today a little hoof kept kicking me when I felt Selkie’s belly. So she is due, by the above method of dates, January 28th/26th/23rd. She is still so small I don’t see how she can be carrying any more than one kid in there. Here they are from the top this week, see if you see any change from my last top-shots:


Getting exciting! 

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