Saturday, January 19, 2013


You might have been checking the blog, thinking, “Why surely there are cute little kids over at Shady Fifth by now!”

Yeah, you’d think, right?

Sarabi is overdue now, but I’m reassured by others that we don’t need to call in a vet until day 156 or so, and we’re on day 151 around here.

Opinions around here vary from “she doesn’t want to be a mother” to “they’re conspiring to deliver at exactly the same time so you don’t know what to do about it”. Boy, is she crabby. She comes up and demands attention, but anything I do, she skitters away from. Scratch behind her ears? Nope. Scritch in her favorite spot above her tail? No. But just let Selkie approach for a little affection and Sarabi headbutts her halfway across the yard. Although I must sheepishly admit to not being the sweetest person when overdue with babies, myself.

Eventually there will be kids on the ground, but for now might I just say that the middle-of-the-night barnlet checks in the 20 degree weather are getting a bit old? Yawwwnnnn.

CAM00377 Sarabi’s kid(s): “But it’s WARM in here!”

CAM00378Selkie still barely looks pregnant, but she’s due soon as well.

You know what Gareth just noticed while I was composing this blog post? Sarabi has Mickey Mouse on her back! I’ll have to run out and check if that is just an odd camera angle or something. Do you see it? Mickey is black and over her shoulders and has a white mouth. Hmmm, might give interesting options for baby names!

Editing after a trip to check for impending signs of labor (yeah, right . . . ): It was just the camera angle that gave Sarabi a Mickey Mouse on her back. In "real life" you don't see it at all. Bummer! She was one of triplets, two boys and a girl, and one of her brothers was all black with a perfect white Nike swoosh on the side of his face. I was thinking perhaps all three had iconic branding (the other boy perhaps had golden arches not visible in his baby picture).

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