Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One Little Un-Named Doe

The first goat to bear our herd name, “Herb of Grace”, arrived last night safe and sound. One big girl – didn’t get a weight last night, but at twelve hours old she weighs 3.9 pounds. We don’t have a name for her yet, but we do have a few pictures off the phone. She’s nursing well, even though Sarabi works against it – Sarabi still believes firmly that the job of a new mother is to LICK your baby. For twelve plus hours. No baby, you can’t nurse, I must LICK YOU CONTINUALLY.


Of course, it was in the low 30’s out there last night, so the continual re-wetting of the goat isn’t the smartest thing in the world, but then, Sarabi was never the brains of our barn, that would be Selkie.


Who, by the way, is enraged by being kept apart from the new baby goat who she seems to think is partly her property. I’m seriously worried she’s going to take down part of the fence trying to get at the baby. I saw her go outside the barn this morning and sniff and examine the wall on the other side of where the baby is, looking for a possible way in. Hopefully she’ll have one of her own soon, poor thing.


Here’s the new little girl, first pic right after birth and the second two this morning when she’s 12 hours old (she has blue eyes – it’s too dark in that corner of the barn to get good pictures with a phone):








Anonymous said...

Awww! Super cute!

caulistats said...

So absolutely precious. I love her coloring!