Saturday, December 22, 2012

This and That

Miscellaneous doings about here.

Gymnastics event – Clara was there mostly as an assistant coach, but was able to get involved for a moment:


As I mentioned before, Tarquin is now reenacting with the rest of them. I finished knitting his little period-correct scarf, modeled here:


The Patriarch and I got away for a one-day trip for our anniversary, which was pretty great as we were last away overnight together 16 years ago!


The big girls attended a Christmas ball at a venue that only has a couple of reenactments a year. We make odd comments as a result of being a reenactor family, such as one I overheard prior to this event from Sophia to Clara: “I remember my first ball; you’re going to love it”. I would say something wondering how many generations we’d have to go back to have heard a similar comment, but I come from pretty peasant stock and I doubt either of our sets of ancestors were attending balls.

Here are the lovely ladies:

paintnetball 2012

Nigel had his capstone project presentation – many universities require these now to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. We were all able to attend, and were very proud of him:


He challenged himself by doing his capstone on the “other side” of the English major, the creative non-fiction side.

Trying to catch the blog up a little, with my apologies for the long silences!

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