Saturday, December 22, 2012

This and That

Miscellaneous doings about here.

Gymnastics event – Clara was there mostly as an assistant coach, but was able to get involved for a moment:


As I mentioned before, Tarquin is now reenacting with the rest of them. I finished knitting his little period-correct scarf, modeled here:


The Patriarch and I got away for a one-day trip for our anniversary, which was pretty great as we were last away overnight together 16 years ago!


The big girls attended a Christmas ball at a venue that only has a couple of reenactments a year. We make odd comments as a result of being a reenactor family, such as one I overheard prior to this event from Sophia to Clara: “I remember my first ball; you’re going to love it”. I would say something wondering how many generations we’d have to go back to have heard a similar comment, but I come from pretty peasant stock and I doubt either of our sets of ancestors were attending balls.

Here are the lovely ladies:

paintnetball 2012

Nigel had his capstone project presentation – many universities require these now to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. We were all able to attend, and were very proud of him:


He challenged himself by doing his capstone on the “other side” of the English major, the creative non-fiction side.

Trying to catch the blog up a little, with my apologies for the long silences!

Backyard Update

Our backyard is a confusing place this winter. Sarabi is clearly pregnant, and has been for quite some time. As Sophia puts it, “She looks like if she were human she’d be walking around with her hand on her back all the time.” Indeed. Here she is today, with a due date of January 13th (I modified from a later date when I learned Nigerians generally go five days earlier than other breeds):


Baby movement can clearly be felt, as well. Selkie is another story. She wasn’t witnessed being bred, and I go back and forth on a daily basis trying to make up my mind whether she’s pregnant or just getting fat from participating in the pregnancy diet! Today is one of my “Oh for sure she’s pregnant” days, and I just might have felt baby movement today:


Her due date is ten days behind Sarabi. I’m wondering if she’s not carrying a single. Well, time will tell. We’ll have kids from her by the end of January or not! If not, the girl is going on a diet for sure.

Here is a picture of both of them, exploring a short fence that has come down:


In other backyard news, we have weird ducks. They’re supposed to decrease laying as the daylight grows shorter, perhaps stop altogether. But ours? All of a sudden it’s four eggs a day. Crazy ducks! It might just be the quality of their diet – there are leaves on the ground and it’s wet and they spend their days blissfully overturning said leaves to find bugs, bugs, bugs. They’re not eating much of their store-bought food at all.

The only downside to all of this agricultural bliss is the mud. Gracious. There was never any grass to speak of in the backyard, but where we have dumped out the duck’s water over the summer, it is a gigantic mudslick.

I am definitely thinking about options for that situation for the next growing season.

So that’s the backyard report, December, 2012. Back to you, Chet.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Chasing the Urgent

Oy. Sometimes there is a stretch where you just seem to chase from last-minute crisis to last-minute crisis. Perhaps “crisis” is an over-dramatic word, but I’m not coming up with a better one – just those things that need to be done right away. I’m winding up the remodel of our master bathroom, done in one huge swoop in response to a leaking toilet. Tuesday Clara found out that she is in a gymnastics performance, and it has been FAR too long since I made her any new leotards. The one leotard that still fits her is quite shabby. So I hurriedly made up another one. She measured perfectly to Jalie’s size S, but when made up this is tight in the armsyce, so I’m going to make the next one in a T and see what happens. The pic is a little blurry, but my children have veto power on what I post about them and this is the only shot Clara OK’d. The white things are classic polka dots even though the blur makes them look like bars in this photo.

My sister asked for a picture when I finished, so this blog post is for her :-).



Sunday, December 2, 2012

An 1855 Christmas

I Have Several Posts Queing Up

But meanwhile, I noticed the wonderful Clarice over at Storybook Woods is having a Shabby Apple giveaway! She is the lovely blogger who hosts "Tasha Tudor Day" each year in August and is an all-around talented lady; love her blog! Though the giveaway ends tonight, thought I'd post a link for those of you still able to enter!