Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Keeps Marching On

Nigel recently turned twenty, and I took this photo with my phone, as the batteries in the camera had died, to commemorate the ending of the era of this particular set of four-teens-in-the-house:


We’ll have another set early next year when Araminta turns 13, but in the meantime we’re back to “just” three teens in the house!

What Happened to that Renovation, Anyway?

We are all super enjoying what has been done in the kitchen so far. I am a little bit stuck with my upper kitchen problem, where old grease bled through the paint before I had a chance to seal it. Sigh. Just about to work on that, reeeeeally!

But in the meantime, I’ve climbed on the IKEA Numerar bandwagon, and the gorgeous new countertops are out in the garage getting their pre-treatment:


After far too many hours on the internet spent researching finishing options, I’m using spoon oil. Anything containing tung oil (which includes IKEA’s finishing oil, by the way) is unsafe for people with tree nut allergies, which also ruled out the ever popular Waterlox treatment for us. I am using the recipe posted by blogger Katy here, with gorgeous beeswax ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. This is a really inexpensive, foodsafe, allergy safe treatment and the whole project is strangely relaxing. I just can hardly wait until they’re installed! This does give us a design problem, though, which is what to use for the backsplash. I’m not loving any of the alternatives I’ve found so far, but it’s been fun looking.