Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Fair

As I mentioned, the family went to the fair the other day while I hung out with the goats. When I’m along I make them do a few educational things, but The Patriarch is all about the fun :-). Sophia had the camera:

fair afair & bird songs 015

fair afair & bird songs 023fair afair & bird songs 032

fair afair & bird songs 045

fair afair & bird songs 047


A little scarier than he’d expected, apparently:

fair afair & bird songs 053     

fair afair & bird songs 064

fair afair & bird songs 075


One quirky thing is that the three little allergic people can actually eat cotton candy! Well, the kind that is spun on the spot, anyway – bagged brands often have additives but the stuff at the fair is just plain ol’ sugar. So that is a huge deal for them each year, to feel normal for a moment food-wise and walk around eating a fair treat like anyone else. Even Tarquin, who has 5 safe foods at this point, can eat cotton candy. Makes a wonderful once-a-year treat :-). They stayed until 9:30pm and arrived home happy and exhausted, just as they should be.

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caulistats said...

Looks like everybody had loads of fun. Yay! :-)