Monday, September 17, 2012

Backyard Ramblings

When the goats came home from the Goat Girls Gone Wild Vacation, all nice and hopefully pregnant, the first day they were super quiet. We told each other, "Wow, that quiet buck taught them some manners!" The next morning, however, they started continually bleating like the bad-ol'-days. Still, it was a weekend, and Sarabi in particular looked confused about her surroundings. She had also become way more aggressive, T-boning Selkie any time Selkie approached the alfalfa feeder. We had someone stay out back so they wouldn't drive the neighborhood insane on the weekend. The following week, though, they were both very quiet. And again this weekend, the screaming. It seems to be that they hear the neighbors outside and are just wanting some company. I'm outside again today and blogging from a little netbook while I hang out with the livestock.

The ducks are traveling from garden bed to garden bed, looking for something nummy. Nancy Drew likes cherry tomatoes, but the others don't. It's so strange to see her eat them - you can watch the tomato go whole down her throat. The goats have been great about eating weeds when I weed beds or the brick path - our yard waste container hardly ever gets wheeled to the curb. They both love sage but are "meh" about thyme and oregano - we have too little rosemary to share with them this year.

The rest of the family is going to the Puyallup Fair today. I'm staying home both for "the screamers" and because I don't want to be the limiting factor in how long they stay, but I did already go this year. Last week, knowing that I'd really wanted to see the goats at the fair, the Patriarch took me one morning while they were there. It was just wonderful! I got to make an idiot of myself displaying crazy fangirl behavior over the farmer that blogs This Goat's Life (she was most gracious about it), and discovered that the Patriarch actually works with the owner of another goat farm that I totally "know" online. He didn't know she has goats, but saw her in the goat barn. What fun! I learned so much by watching the judging, and I have to tell you, judging of the youngest class of Nigerian goats is pretty hilarious. Nigerians are small anyway, but that class is so tiny and so wild that it makes for a comic show. The owners have to sort of crouch down and waddle along to hold them, while the little things sproing and fight - one little doe kept trying a "play dead" maneuver which was funnier yet because she was a chocolate brown, and each time she stood back up, the light pine shavings all over her made her look like a sheep toy.

What I need to be doing instead of goatsitting is working on our current ginormous sewing project, getting ready for the biggest Nisqually event of the year, Candlelight. It is a first person event, and will be the first time Tarquin will be present. Because of that fact, I also need to garb up and participate. I've always been on site for this, because Lucinda in particular often needs nebs or meds, but in the past I've always brought a flashlight and a book and hide out in a darkened, unused room at the fort. Anyway, between two of us who need to be pretty much completely outfitted, and the little girls outgrowing everything, there is a boatload of sewing to do, and no project currently needed that lends itself to the backyard. My own next jobs involve cutting things out, which is a lay-out-on-the-floor event. If the goats are so kind to quiet down, I'll do that this afternoon.

The garage clean-out mentioned in the last post turned into a five day event! We took everything out but the refrigerator and the shelving, basically. We do a clean-out every summer, but haven't ever gotten this far down into the very back of the garage. It is such a delight to go out there now! Makes me smile every single time. We took at least three flatbed loads to the dump (I lost count), two to the recycling place, and at least 3 back-of-the-van loads to Goodwill. We'd done the major thinning of outgrown clothes in last year's clean-out, so the thrift store trips were other items this year. While we can't actually put vehicles in there, there are wide open spaces and just a couple of "islands" of stored items, and these with only one layer, so accessible. Our Christmas boxes are all together instead of here, there, there, here. We also re-cleaned the "milking parlor" as I like to call it :-), which is a covered area out back that often is the victim of garage overflow. That totally needed to be done before their due dates in January, and we're sure not going to feel like doing it once the rains set in. It just feels so good!

Well, enough backyard rambling. I'll do ordering of some historically correct buttons before the battery on this netbook dies, and hope the girls let me head in to be productive with the rest of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Just caught up with your latest goings on! Loved hearing about the baby goat show. How funny! Thinking of you and hoping you are continuing to improve.
Carolyn Y