Friday, August 31, 2012




Lymphoma ribbon

Ugh. I don’t want to make this a cancer blog because I give away enough normalcy to lymphoma as it is. But I’ve just got to say that it can be so frustrating to have a full day of things that need to get done when the world spins every time my head moves and the Zofran is only dialing the nausea down to a “7”. Of course I try to cultivate patience with what I can’t control, but you know . . . it’s hard.

Just a moment of vent there. School for the little guy, menus and shopping lists to be done for the next two-week cycle, very grateful so little driving today. Grateful for the pretty sunshine out my window and big children on their break from their jobs until next week. They’re getting quite a rest and I’m striving to protect that – they need a window of free time, and it’s so short a vacation.

Tomorrow The Patriarch is planning the annual garage cleanout. This year I’ll just sit in a lawn chair and make decisions. Sounds cushy – I’ll have an extra cup of coffee or a lemonade, depending on weather, and be quite the princess! It’s always so deeply satisfying the week after the garage is cleaned to walk through it, although I don’t quite understand how it refills so quickly. Something about nine of us still at home, you think?

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