Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beach Trip

The family went to the beach this last week. I stayed home with the ducks, and because with the goats at the farm for the first time, we wanted to be responsible if they needed us to come get them suddenly – the beach is too far a drive to do that. It was good all around, though. I needed to focus on Tarquin’s new language arts curriculum that should be good but is fussy to figure out, and that’s what I did (plus caught up the food blog, watched a movie, and folded a mountain of laundry).

The Patriarch took them on our annual beach trip and gave them an excellent time. He always, always has taken over all the cooking when we go on vacation because he wants everyone to relax. Since we haven’t had TV for many years, he also tries to catch something on sports for his off-time, between trips down to the beach.

Tarquin has never, ever liked the sand, so I was super curious to hear what would happen this year. Last year, at five, he was really a good age for sandplay, but if you were reading this blog last year when we had the big beach outing, he got really sick and just lay there the whole time on blankets on the floor. This year, they told me the first day he liked being on the beach but didn’t want to touch down on it – rode Nigel or his daddy’s shoulders the whole time.


The second day, the other children set up a teeter-totter out of a log, and something snapped. Tarquin wanted to play on that, and afterward was entirely reconciled to sand (in fact made “sand angels” that day).

118Too fun to resist

129OK, I guess I do like sand!


Lots of catching up to do – Sophia and Clara teach Sand Castle 101

157 Patriarch relaxing a moment

107Looks like Nigel spent most of his time constructing stuff for the small people

138Although here somebody caught him having a moment to just watch the ocean.

061   I saw this and thought, “Awww, look they’re having a nice talk” but then heard that Gareth had put a dead crab in Sophia's way and she was about to retaliate!


147 Clara enjoying the unexpected sunny weather – it had been forecast to be in the 50’s and cloudy!

141The weather looks really perfect

009  Araminta pretty much embodies the word “relax” here


026  They seemed to have misplaced half of Lucinda

094Beach! I love it now!


caulistats said...

Ah, such fun pictures. The children are looking so grown-up. How does that happen so quickly?!!

Kimberly said...

I know! The other day I read that JC Penney is having a back to school haircut special for students K through 6. I was thinking, "Oh good - let me do that" then realized that I only have ONE K through 6 girl left! Yikes, only two grade-schoolers!

Anonymous said...

What a great trip!