Sunday, July 22, 2012

I’m Still Here!

Just summer busy. Well, summer and Clara has retired from the kitchen, which keeps me busier. We are driving, driving, driving.

Here are just a few highlights since the last post.

Sophia graduated from homeschool and got her associate’s at the same time.




Which of course demanded a gluten free mocha caramel cheesecake, right (hard to see in this pic – the stars were sort of shiny)?



I had a birthday (it’s my birthday, I’m gonna have some sugar) which meant more gluten free chocolate:


No, that’s not bacon on the top! Caramel, silly!



My birthday meant that the goats had birthdays, too. Happy first birthday, Sarabi!



Happy first birthday, Selkie!




They got summer haircuts, as you can see by their sleek looks above, and a vet visit for bloodwork in preparation for breeding them. This backyard is proudly CAE/CL/Johnes free :-).

I have started a new blog just for the cooking journey I’m undertaking, trying to enrich my skills. It’s called “mama’s sabbatical” and you can find it here if you’d like. There aren’t any recipes. I’m merely wandering through the stuffed cookbook shelf (and by shelf, I mean an entire Billy bookshelf of cookbooks, not just one shelf) in quite the adventure, blogging as I go as kind of a scrapbook of food. The Patriarch and I are cooking together on Sundays as an in-house date night.

I had another biopsy in June, with fewer yet cancer cells found, although I’m not in remission yet. I had a vacation for a few weeks from the nausea, then it returned, although not as bad. I haven’t had to go back on the Zofran at this point, thank goodness.

I’ll blog soon on projects happening – the little girls have done some adorable dolls, and Araminta is making the cutest project for Tarquin’s birthday, which is coming up soon.

Also upcoming, the three youngest children were referred again to our regional children’s hospital, which is in Seattle, to see if they fit the profile for new variants of Job’s Syndrome which have been discovered since their first trip to Children’s in 2004 (the girls – Tarquin wasn’t born yet). I’ll keep you posted!

Sorry for the really long silence. I have good days, when I rush to get everything done, and bad days, when I don’t make it downstairs to the computer to blog. I tend to be better about keeping the food blog up as I’m doing that as a discipline of sorts.

And all of the summer regular fun goes on as well. Fiddle Camp, two separate Nisqually camps, Nisqually events, church events, summer jobs that need a mama chauffer – all happy summer events. Hope all of you are having a fabulous summer!


Storybook Woods said...

Happy, happy birthday. It looks like you had a yummy one!! And congrats on your daughters graduation. It is a big achievement for yourself as well. I hope you are proud of yourself!! Clarice

Kimberly said...

Thanks Clarice - we are so proud of Sophia; she's a lovely young lady. I was saying to The Patriarch as Sophia graduated, "3 down, 5 to go!"

Reader LaVerne gives all of us with anemia an excellent tip to look into beta carotene in our battle to keep our iron up. I know some of my female relatives who read this blog share in this battle, so I'm sharing this good tip!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Sophia on her recent graduation. SO glad you told me about your blog. I have one also i am thinking about moving it over to blogger.