Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts on Annie Sloan, Disneyland, and my own wee Hameau de la Reine

I’m such a hypocrite. What I’ve really disliked about this house, which embodies 1979, the year it was built, is the over-the-top artificiality of that era. For example, our baseboards are made of chipboard with a plastic contact-paper type covering imprinted to look like . . . wait for it . . . wood. Because that is so much better than the old, outdated practice of using wood baseboards, right? Everything that could possibly be fake is. It was the era of Cool Whip, polyester clothing, and just a couple of years before the advent of Chicken McNuggets.

Which kind of leaves the owner of one of these homes, the 1970’s split level, with a decorating dilemma. What does authenticity look like? Maybe just . . . harvest gold and “patchwork” kitchen carpet and a crochet blender cover.

Well, not gonna do it. So I’m embracing the hypocrisy, and have been working on turning my kitchen into a French country bistro look. I’ve been in old European kitchens, so yes I do know that this is the Disney version. And Annie Sloan is helping! It hadn’t occurred to me that our cupboards could be rescued, but she created her wonderful chalk paint that requires no sanding, no primer, and a quart stretches forever. Our cabinetry was covered in a coat of glossy poly, so the thought of prepping all that was just too daunting. I’m midway in the project now, but the cabinets are looking so dreamy! There will be a reveal in the future . . . I just wanted to ‘fess up.

So maybe Marie Antoinette didn’t really say “let them eat cake”, but I intend to, as happy creations come out of my own little “Hameau de la Reine”. Vive la make-believe!

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~Aunt Mae (aka ~Mrs. R) said...

Oh is THAT why I can not abide the 70's look... the artificiality of it all?? Now that makes complete sense. Your kitchen re-do sounds great! No hypocrisy that, you are making it 'real'!
Blessings, ~Aunt Mae (aka ~Mrs. R)