Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hard to Take

Although I didn't blog about it, early in this year I wrote a snail mail letter to the owners of the Dream House. It still sits there empty, and I explained to them that we loved their house, but were not able to buy it at this time, and why. I was writing to offer a barter - we would go over and mow their lawn through the summer in exchange for harvesting their lovely fruit and nut trees, whose produce has been going to waste. And our goats could browse their brambly weeds. We drive by the house all the time - it is overgrown and we were concerned. Because we just love that house and land.

I check the Redfin/Zillow/etc page for the address really frequently, just in case it gets re-listed. And it hasn't been. But today, the websites had a change: they list the property as sold as of late February . . . and for


This is so hard to take. We would've jumped at it at twice the price. We were about to bid on it when it reached $199,900 when Patriarch's cooler head prevailed. But $70,000? How I hope that there's some really sweet backstory like a second cousin whose husband has been out of work and the family has nowhere to live, but were given this. Or maybe a great-niece who is tragically an Iraq widow and two little ones to raise . . . I have a real dread about this being a developer who will knock down our dream house, plow under all the beauty in that 1.6 acres, and put in three townhouse duplexes or something :-(.

Later I will strive to view this in the proper theological perspective, with gratitude at His better plan, but first I'm going to have a crying jag. And probably a half bar of dark chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

There's got to be a reasonable explanation for the price. It might be a price, minus whats owed to the bank which has to be met. Laverne