Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Grip Has Been Gotten

All better now. Done whining. And I didn't even blow the no-sugar diet with the threatened chocolate. As my sister pointed out, that price was just too crazy - it really was likely a relative of the owners that the house was sold to.

It's another one of the change instigators that I talked about earlier, I guess. We've been pushed by the Dream House to make improvements and changes around here, and that's been a good thing. It'll be awhile before I can drive by there, though.

And in totally random and unrelated news, one of the ducks has apparently not read the poultry books that offer the assurance that ducks lay before 8 am, so when you let them out in the morning, the eggs will be inside. Some culprit is laying a random egg here and there in the garden beds. So now I send somebody outside at lunchtime to double check, which goes over much better on pretty days, let me tell you! We're still having many wet cold miserable days and an enthusiastic offer of "an egg hunt, oh boy" . . . hard sell.

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