Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Different Green on St. Patrick’s Day

This has been needing to be done for a really long time – it was a coincidence that we were all home and able to do this today. Usually when a person buys little goats, they’re weaned and old enough to be tattooed by their breeder, but we bought ours as wee bottle babies and their ears were still too small. We were told to wait awhile before tattooing. Wow, I guess! Selkie’s right ear, in particular, was really tricky to tattoo even at this age.

We brought them in the kitchen and everyone had assignments, right down to Tarquin who was supposed to feed them swedish fish candies for comfort.


006 Gives new meaning to “the wearin’ o’ the green”




All hands on deck (note swedish fish treat)


It was not a favorite task for any of us. The Patriarch and I each took one ear, and one-two-three squinch it was done, but Sarabi gave a pitiful couple of bleats. Selkie is a stoic but is also a good kicker! We won’t really be able to tell how successful we were until later – advice says to leave all the ink on until it flakes off in a couple of weeks. If we were more experienced, I’m sure there would be some way to tell. But there you have it. Both goats immediately started rubbing their ears and got the green tattoo ink all over. So festive.


013 Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Sarabi




015And Selkie


Anonymous said...

Buffybelle needs this done and I am dreading doing it. Laverne

Kimberly said...

Oh my yes, I put it off for the longest time! And that "squinch" sound {{shudder}}. Still, it wasn't quite as dramatic as I'd feared. I won't stall as long next time :-).