Sunday, March 18, 2012

From the “I Cannot Believe I Did That” Files

I love skincare products from the Japanese company DHC. They are made with non-toxic ingredients and feel really nice on my skin. They also give you a choice of three little samples when you order. This last order, I received my three samples, and they threw in a third. Most of the time, their samples are pretty tiny, so I was delighted with the big sample pack of “Rich Moisturizing Treatment”. Here is a pic, sorry it’s so blurry – our camera won’t focus at all when the zoom is used, so it badly needs a trip to the repair shop!

003 See, it’s labeled “Rich & Moisturizing Treatment”


I’ve been using it as a lovely facial moisturizer for about a month now. I was a little surprised that this company that usually avoids fragrances in their products made this moisturizer with a subtle rose scent, but my skin has felt nice. Nice enough that I went to their website to read more about this moisturizer, and couldn’t find it anywhere. How odd. They have a LOT of different facial moisturizer lines, and I carefully searched through each line. How can I order more if it’s not on the website? Well, yesterday my DHC print catalog showed up in the mail. I was flipping through it and noticed that on sale this month is . . . 

dhc treatment

From the website:

Rich & Moisturizing Treatment

Decadent conditioning. Beautiful hair comes naturally with twin-care essences of silk and ceramide in this weekly, indulgent deep conditioner. Hydrate and condition hair with essences of botanical ceramide and amino-acid silk proteins, which lock in moisture. Shea butter and betaine moisturize and protect, helping to fight split ends and breakage, as well as encourage strength and shine—all while relaxing your senses with a lovely rose-floral fragrance.


Uhm. Yeah.

I suppose the upside is that my face, having its moisture locked in twice daily, is not only moisturized and protected, but won’t break or split, and will have strength and shine . . . sighhhhhhhh.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Different Green on St. Patrick’s Day

This has been needing to be done for a really long time – it was a coincidence that we were all home and able to do this today. Usually when a person buys little goats, they’re weaned and old enough to be tattooed by their breeder, but we bought ours as wee bottle babies and their ears were still too small. We were told to wait awhile before tattooing. Wow, I guess! Selkie’s right ear, in particular, was really tricky to tattoo even at this age.

We brought them in the kitchen and everyone had assignments, right down to Tarquin who was supposed to feed them swedish fish candies for comfort.


006 Gives new meaning to “the wearin’ o’ the green”




All hands on deck (note swedish fish treat)


It was not a favorite task for any of us. The Patriarch and I each took one ear, and one-two-three squinch it was done, but Sarabi gave a pitiful couple of bleats. Selkie is a stoic but is also a good kicker! We won’t really be able to tell how successful we were until later – advice says to leave all the ink on until it flakes off in a couple of weeks. If we were more experienced, I’m sure there would be some way to tell. But there you have it. Both goats immediately started rubbing their ears and got the green tattoo ink all over. So festive.


013 Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Sarabi




015And Selkie

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Such a Treat to Have a Five Year Old

Because if they see episodes of “Super Why” on the PBS website, well, they just believe mama can do anything, like “buy some fabwic and make me Super Why”. My “fabwic” being in boxes, I figured it was just easier and even cheaper to hit the thrift stores hoping for pieces – and I found a good place for a mask and cape online (abracadabrazoo if you’re ever in the market).

Here he is in full Super Why regalia, saving the day:


Such a pleasure to have a little guy around :-).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goat News

We officially have a herd name now - we are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association as "Herb of Grace". Of course, our two current goats were born elsewhere so they won't carry our herd name, but any of their offspring will. If we ever move to a place with a little acreage, that place will be named "Herb of Grace Farm", but here we are Herb of Grace at Shady Fifth. Just in case we decide to get monogrammed stationary. Or so our butler can answer the phone properly. Or something.

Pardon the Construction Debris

I'll be switching templates around for awhile - just trying to find one that I like to settle on.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Grip Has Been Gotten

All better now. Done whining. And I didn't even blow the no-sugar diet with the threatened chocolate. As my sister pointed out, that price was just too crazy - it really was likely a relative of the owners that the house was sold to.

It's another one of the change instigators that I talked about earlier, I guess. We've been pushed by the Dream House to make improvements and changes around here, and that's been a good thing. It'll be awhile before I can drive by there, though.

And in totally random and unrelated news, one of the ducks has apparently not read the poultry books that offer the assurance that ducks lay before 8 am, so when you let them out in the morning, the eggs will be inside. Some culprit is laying a random egg here and there in the garden beds. So now I send somebody outside at lunchtime to double check, which goes over much better on pretty days, let me tell you! We're still having many wet cold miserable days and an enthusiastic offer of "an egg hunt, oh boy" . . . hard sell.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hard to Take

Although I didn't blog about it, early in this year I wrote a snail mail letter to the owners of the Dream House. It still sits there empty, and I explained to them that we loved their house, but were not able to buy it at this time, and why. I was writing to offer a barter - we would go over and mow their lawn through the summer in exchange for harvesting their lovely fruit and nut trees, whose produce has been going to waste. And our goats could browse their brambly weeds. We drive by the house all the time - it is overgrown and we were concerned. Because we just love that house and land.

I check the Redfin/Zillow/etc page for the address really frequently, just in case it gets re-listed. And it hasn't been. But today, the websites had a change: they list the property as sold as of late February . . . and for


This is so hard to take. We would've jumped at it at twice the price. We were about to bid on it when it reached $199,900 when Patriarch's cooler head prevailed. But $70,000? How I hope that there's some really sweet backstory like a second cousin whose husband has been out of work and the family has nowhere to live, but were given this. Or maybe a great-niece who is tragically an Iraq widow and two little ones to raise . . . I have a real dread about this being a developer who will knock down our dream house, plow under all the beauty in that 1.6 acres, and put in three townhouse duplexes or something :-(.

Later I will strive to view this in the proper theological perspective, with gratitude at His better plan, but first I'm going to have a crying jag. And probably a half bar of dark chocolate.