Monday, February 6, 2012

Batteries in the Camera!

I made it back to church Sunday for the first time since taking ill – hard to express how good that felt! We happened to all be in coordinating clothes (how unusual is that?) so got a snapshot (thank you Miss EP for the excellent photo!)


When Malcolm visited us in January from the midwest, we didn’t get a family pic at all. I was still just in bed at that point – but wish we’d done it anyway. We just simply forgot! Sophia did snap a couple of shots around home, only one of which is clear enough to see:


005 Boys discussing something fascinating


Tarquin has been growing his hair out again for dreadlocks (his request) and it’s finally gotten long enough (as you can see in yesterday’s shot from church). He just got back from the hairdresser who started his locks:




And since we have batteries, and a little sun today, we need a couple of gratuitous animal shots!

002 All lined up doing slug patrol in the garden beds




“If you’d just let me out I could find my own boyfriend”


027 “Why yes, I am one gigantic ball of fluff. Is this a problem?”

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caulistats said...

LOVE the family photo! And I love the way Tarquin is standing in the second dreadlocks picture... he looks like such a big boy! :-)