Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strange Notes from Lymphoma-Land

When I started Tales From Shady Fifth, I'd intended it to be a garden blog. It quickly morphed into a "far-flung family" aka "mommy" blog. I most emphatically do not intend for it to turn into a cancer blog - but as this is a part of what is going on around here now, I suppose there will be an entry from time to time.

At any rate, I am sitting currently in a silent home. Everyone is at church and I am . . . super super nauseated. They left food for me in case I could eat. Here is the strange thing: we'd been trying to think of mild, calm foods that I could keep down, so I was a little dismayed to learn that what Sophia had fixed was a plate full of bright-flavored small bite foods. But as I started nibbling, I learned that those bright flavors were exactly what I'd needed: diagonal chunks of lacto-fermented pickles, lunch meat wrapped around cream cheese and cut into coins, and a goat/basil/tomato cheese, with a blue aftertaste. Who knew? It was just perfect, whereas I had struggled to manage plain salted eggs earlier.

Another little odd tidbit, this from a friend whose little girl received a cancer diagnosis earlier this week: linen clothing for the ill. It does happen that I have a bunch of natural undyed linen in my fabric stash and a need for new pj's. As my friend said, "I'm not going to jump on a junk science bandwagon, especially at this time", but linen pj's do no harm.

This wraps up today's quirky minutiae from the Land of Lymphoma.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I saw your goat girls pics with the pedigree. Those are some nice doelings. You can use my boyfriend if you want but you may be a long ways away. Goatmom Laverne says... I hope you can get rid of the Lymphoma, is that possible? Should eliminating the ulcer help that? I have struggled with Fibromyalgia and have obsessively tried to figure it out over the last 20 years. To deal with It I have learned Muscle Testing for allergies, self Chiropractic adjusting, Rolfing, Accupressure. Have tried many different things and diets. I am a human guinea pig I guess.

Kimberly said...

Buffybelle, thanks for your compliment - my doelings are cuties, aren't they? And although they complain incessantly about the lack of a boyfriend, I actually do have one lined up for them. They're just a couple of months too young but their time will come soon :-).

And thanks to Laverne, as well. The bacteria that causes 80% of ulcers, H. Pylori, triggers the onset of my form of lymphoma, the MALT lymphoma. So 50% of the time, getting rid of that bacteria (and thus the ulcer) puts this form of lymphoma into remission. I'll find out late March, when they do another biopsy. I'm so sorry to hear that you struggle against fibromyalgia - that's a horrible disease. So debilitating and yes, such a fog of things one sees recommended for help.