Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seed Order In

Last year I blogged that seeds were ordered January 13th. February 26th this year. . . not so great. And it was easier this year, too, since I was just plugging holes but have lots of seeds left from last year. This year's order was mostly beans, a bed-worth of cauliflower, some radishes, and new zucchini.

This coming week I hope to drag out the seed starting bench and get growing. We have very little infrastructure work this year; I'd like to improve the trellising, and the plastic that covers the tunnels needs replacing. This is a good thing, as there still are tasks to do on the barnlet. We didn't paint it before the rains came, and we'll need to construct some sort of milking stanchion in time for the goats to become accustomed to it prior to actually being milked. I'm hopeful that the composting straw/manure will give a pleasant boost this year to the soil, and just looking forward in general to another productive gardening year.

Spring creeps closer and closer (despite the fact that we had snowflakes today)!

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