Friday, February 17, 2012

One Lone Holdout

As of yesterday, we've got three layers. We are suspecting Ethel, who has always been the smallest and the last to do anything, as being the only non-layer. But that's pure speculation, since Gareth just finds the eggs when he opens the barn each morning. And we've got to figure out something new for laying, as a curious goat stepped on an egg this morning. Can't have that happening! But all in all, it is a happy thing to have some productivity coming out of the backyard, especially since I haven't even begun seed-starting for the year yet. I did finally find the missing seeds a couple of days ago, so soon a new gardening year will begin. Ducks laying, seeds starting, the hyacinth plants in the front yard with about 2 inches of green pushing up . . . seems possible that spring might eventually arrive, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Your words made me smile. Hope little Ethel pulls it out and joins the ranks of the other birds.
Carolyn Y