Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Lovely Barn Surprise

Yesterday morning, Gareth was puzzled to find only two eggs. I sent him out again in the afternoon to check in the brighter sunshine, since the ducks have been covering up their eggs at times with straw, but even with careful searching, no, only two eggs.

This morning . . . seven eggs! He couldn't believe it, and came running in wondering what on earth was happening. Looking it up online, it seems that if Khaki Campbell ducks (from which our breed, Welsh Harlequins, were derived) miss a day of laying, it is quite common for them to make it up with two eggs the next day. Still, this means somebody out there had to lay an egg yesterday and then two today. Good girls!

Not only that, but this is prime slug birthin' weather (err, hatching weather?), and the ducks sure know it. They are very busy at the bases of the garden beds, and they jump up into the beds and patrol around the boards, a slug perimeter patrol. I am delighted with these ducks. The breed is said to be a placid one, recommended for families with young children, and while our ducks still aren't cuddly (as I've noted before) they have become comfortable with us, especially Gareth, who they allow to stroke their backs.

They have my entire approval on this seven egg day.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute experience. I really need to get some ducks. They can be a host to Liverfluke and I've had a problem with them in my goats. Laverne