Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Pictures from this Year’s Candlelight

1855 was lovely again this year – so thankful that the rain held off until the last 45 minutes or so, and even then just a drizzle until we were driving home at 11:30pm and it started pouring.


Gareth spent both nights out beyond the gate where the soldiers and “common folk” hang out:

017 He is learning how to have fun and join the story line – he’s been nervous in the past about first person events, so worried that he’d say something modern that he was afraid to speak. But he started to get the hang of it by Saturday.


Araminta was able to try something new this year, spending both evenings in the kitchen. She has always been with Lucinda before, but she was the only one in our family assigned to the kitchen. She was nervous, but really enjoyed herself – she loves to giggle, and the kitchen is traditionally a place of hijinks!



Lucinda spent both evenings in the Factor House, playing one of the Tolmie children’s visitors. She had a friend from church who was also assigned there, and during the first evening they hatched a nefarious plan for the second. Sophia was assigned the second night to “watch the children”, and my but the children were naughty. Lucinda and her friend would dash out the door when Sophia wasn’t looking, then Sophia would have to chase them, much to the delight of the paying audience.

Lucinda’s hairbows, while not from 1855, are almost 100 years old from a great-great uncle who was a warehouse man. She’s growing out of her dress! Look at those sleeves:


She wore period correct rag curls :-)



Clara was also in outside camp, like Gareth. She’ll need a long-sleeved dress soon, but fortunately the weather was warm enough, at least near the campfires, for her to wear her short-sleeved dress and a wool shawl:



She wanted documentation of the twirl of her skirts/pettis:


Sophia was also in the outstation the first night, so she wore her washdress:


But the second night, when she was assigned to the young people, she was able to wear her wool dress for the first time. This dress was started four years ago now! It has been a nightmare. I lost count of how many times she had to re-do the bodice, and it still has issues which need addressing:


Still, she looked lovely. And she also wore the bonnet she made (again, thanks to the ribbon stash of great-great uncles!).

Front view:


Back view:


And must have a close up gaudy-side view:


A wonderful time was had by all



caulistats said...

LOVE the descriptions and pictures! Thank you so much for documenting these events so we can enjoy them a little too, even without being there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow-how fun! What a great family activity!