Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paging Goat Psychologist to Shady Fifth, STAT!

"Don't worry" I said naively to the family as they headed out for a day at the church campout this morning. "I have a bunch of school stuff I need to work on". Secretly, though, I planned yet another coat of paint on the bedroom (I have finally discovered a gray paint that actually looks gray in there).

Insert evil goat nickering . . . 

Wow, I don't know WHAT is with them today. I'm posting from a netbook in a chair right outside their fence. If I so much as run in the house for a moment, they both start screaming. Not a nice little talking-to-you bleat, screaming. They won't even allow me to sit in the shade in the spot I cleared a few blog posts ago. I had to run in for a sec a few hours back to use the ladies, and when I came back out, one of the neighbors a few houses down was bleating back at them (yikes).

What's more, Sarabi (bossy at all times) is just being meeeeean to Selkie today. Usually she lets Selkie know who's herd queen, but today she's plotting mean tricks. Of course, Selkie can kind of be . . . uhmmm . . . clueless that way. This afternoon, for example, after having been pestered all day, she thought it would be a good idea to take a nap with her head and shoulders in a bucket. Sarabi didn't have to think too hard about that one and had great fun bounding across the yard to ram that bucket, causing Selkie to do a little spin cycle out of her nap. And to prove that she won't be joining Goat Mensa anytime soon, Selkie went right back in there and fell asleep again. Sigh.

Sarabi, as herd queen, always gets fed first, but today she's keeping close watch for Selkie to approach the mineral/supplement/alfalfa pellet feeders. Selkie gets anywhere nearby and Sarabi tears over to butt Selkie away. Naturally I've held Sarabi's collar long enough for Selkie to get what she needs, but what on earth?!!?

 Why exactly am I the victim?

Maybe they're just pouting because they had their second shower this morning. I haven't trimmed their coat at all because we're heading into winter, and I plan to give them their first trim next spring. This means they hold a lot of dirt. When I notice that their white spots are getting gray, I just take them into the shower. They're so scared they stand stock still the whole time and the entire process is quick and easy. Fortunately they're still so small they both fit in there without problem. I'd trimmed their hooves this week, so they look so pretty and tidy right now - good thing since obviously I'm held hostage looking at them today! Getting hungry . . . thank goodness for all of the tomatoes out here and the containers of yogurt in our garage fridge!

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Hoveland Family said...

your goat girls are so cute :) it's hard to get stuff done around the house when they are being so 'them'.. :) I have yet to try and give mine a bath! you brave woman you!