Friday, August 5, 2011

Overnight Growth Spurt

Well, this is something unanticipated. When we woke up this morning the ducklings were way bigger than they were last night. I have no idea if this is normal!


They’re really enjoying living out on the screened porch. They like having space to run – it’s so funny; they’ll be standing around then race as a gang across the porch. Downside is that previously we were able to keep the porch poo-free and decent smelling, goat droppings being as they are, but now it’s fairly icky out there. Fortunately they largely stick to one side of the porch, where we don’t venture if we can avoid it. We still put them in the “brooder” overnight and when nobody will be in the living room where we can keep an eye on them. The goats pretty much ignore them. No feathers to report yet.

Big move to the barnlet scheduled for tomorrow! The Patriarch just has to lay the gravel inside, then we’ll do a layer of straw on that and use the deep bedding system. Plan is to bring the ducklings up to the screened porch/”brooder” overnight until they feather out but let them roam in the barnlet during the day.

I was out yesterday doing doctor/gymnastic/tae kwon do chauffeuring and got a phone call from Tarquin. He asked, “Mommy can I make a mustache, isn’t that a good idea? But how will I keep it on?”

So since I’m on the topic of growth spurts, thought I’d share Tarquin’s new mustache (he borrowed Lucinda’s pajama shirt as his were all in the wash):


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caulistats said...

That picture of Tarquin makes a great desktop photo. ;-)