Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just the Crazy Days of August

No, haven’t fallen off the face of the planet or broken my blogging fingers or anything. August just gets like this! Between harvesting, getting homeschool final decisions made (and ordering the stuff), and trying to squeeze in a bunch of fun for the children, it’s a packed month anyway, and now we’ve added six animals to the mix.

The goats still aren’t happy when they can’t see humans. We’re working on weaning them off this attitude, but in the meanwhile, I’ve been getting a ton of yardwork done! When the children take turns out there, they usually play or read a book, which works, too.

Cleaned out a covered area in the back which had become a catch-all for things that should have been thrown away (plus leaves, moss, sticks .  . . )



And after:


When the goats start milking, this area will convert to my “milking parlor”, and make a fine one, too! It’s covered, can be hosed down, and is within steps of our garage fridge.

Tied up all of the tomatoes:


And excavated our brick path from the jungle it had become:



Also got my bedroom re-painted but am still working on trim, so no big reveal yet. 

Got the big girls to the mall with friends for a fashion-shopping day:


Little cousin visited for almost a week:


And the rest of the family has done a couple of things while I goat-sit: an ocean beach day trip, a local sound-beach church BBQ.

Lots of fun, and as always just tons of doctor appointments thrown in there. Looking forward – soon now – to the ducks being feathered out and the goats weaned so that we’re all able to leave at the same time for a few hours. Busy August.

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caulistats said...

Wow, you have had a busy month! The garden and the future milking parlor look great! :-)