Friday, July 29, 2011

Someone Turned Five


He’s insisting on growing his hair out! He remembers when he had long hair, the feel of it on his cheek when he lies down, and doesn’t want it cut. He had a fun birthday morning, and we had planned to trial his second food (organic turkey patty), but all of a sudden around noon he got sick. No fever, just throwing up and lying there all lethargic. He’s starting to come around today, sipping some and keeping it down. But doesn’t that just stink to be sick on your birthday?


At least he got to open presents first. He had Lucinda blow out his candle because he was too sick by then:


Happy fifth year sweet little guy!

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caulistats said...

Love the shirt! So sorry to hear that Tarquin was sick on his birthday, but I'm glad he's better now!