Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our new favorite hangout

Other having a sort of barnyard smell that is right off the dining room, I think we’re going to be bereft when Selkie and Sarabi head out to the barnlet! The screen porch is the center of fun and relaxation around here right now:






Chores are trickier, though – changing to fresh straw:

108 I think she’s supervising. She was just standing there, too! This is right before Sarabi joined in with a rowdy game of “Queen of the Mountain” in which I was the mountain.


The barnlet is coming much closer to completion after the guys worked for two and a half days this week on it. They were putting up the roof deck today:

102 Gareth and our friend up on the roof – blurry photo through glass and screen



Earlier this week when the siding was just leaning up against the structure – most of it is nailed on now.


We got a super blessing today. The Patriarch and his friend were picking up some missing something at Home Depot this morning on the way here, and our friend wandered over to the paint department to see if there were any good deals on paint for the barn. There was a return there: a five gallon bucket of Behr premium satin exterior in a mid-deep charcoal gray for $15! We’d been debating between charcoal and a deepish mud brown, since our goal here is for this structure to disappear as much as possible. Guess that made that decision!


Hoveland Family said...

Those lil baby goaties are SO cute :)

caulistats said...

Five gallons of paint for $15?!! That's great!

I agree, the goats are adorable. :-)