Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garden Tour Beginning of July

Well sigh. Another June that was cool, gray, wet, and had very cold nights. Broccoli was so weird this year, since a bunch of it bolted before having ever given us broccoli! A neighbor across the street had the same thing happen in her garden. We did harvest some, and there are some harvestable side shoots out there:



Herbs are just outrageously beautiful, and walking past that bed smells heavenly! Look at the sage, with parsley to the front (bottom center of the photo):



Tomatoes? Sad, very sad. I have a few green ones, but they’re still small:



Zucchini has made it all the way up to tiny:


With equally tiny bean guys:



Now here’s an epic fail – yes folks, this is chard:



Fabulous year for strawberries, though. Sorry for the blurry photo! We keep eating bowls and bowls of them (we don’t grow enough here to do jam or freezing – they all get eaten fresh):



I’m letting my kale go to seed. It’s been such a wonderful plant and to save seeds you’re supposed to let the seed pods dry out on the vine. Isn’t it wild?



Leeks growing along nicely:



Snow peas doing well – they never make it in to the kitchen, as the little girls are both safe for snow peas and they eat them all standing right next to the garden bed:



One lettuce bed doing nicely:


And so is the other:


Some things just aren’t coming up at all: Spinach, beets, onions, squash. Just don’t know what happened.

And that is the state of the garden, July 6th, Year 3 (I’m giving our vegetable garden it’s own calendar system ;-) and we’re in our third year).

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