Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Bitty Project

We haven’t done any work on our ongoing remodel for awhile! Which is annoying, as when we last left this story we had moved everything out of the master bedroom in preparation for painting it. Meaning that for quite some time now (months, actually) we’ve had bedroom stuff in the living room and one of the bedrooms, and the Patriarch and I have been camping out on an old double mattress/boxsprings which was cheap when we bought it seventeen years ago and is pretty bad. We can hardly wait to move back in! But other projects, like the beds and the mystery-birthday-related project, have come first.

The last two weeks I’ve gotten a little chip done on it. Moved everything out of the big closet (and into the living room – yikes) and painted it. It was really awful. Because I’m not much of a photographer the hideousness won’t show, but the color was that old hospital green – almost pistachio but not as cute. But only parts of it had been painted, so there were strips of raw wallboard, penciled notes about where the shelves should be installed, and just scrapes and spills. I mixed some bright blue into a bowl of the gray we’re intending to use on the walls in the master.

Before shot:




Now we can put our clothes away, which is a good opportunity for decluttering! I’ve recently thinned my clothes, but this closet holds the Patriarch’s hung clothes, and the hanging clothes of all four girls as well.

In other remodel project news, Nigel has been taking down our old gazebo. Kind of sad in a way, because from a distance it is attractive. It was well-placed and added a nice vertical note to the yard. But it was already rotting when we moved in 14 years ago. We had it repainted a few years back, but there was no saving it at that point, really. Now it’s just a safety hazard. The roof pieces fall off at random moments, and the floor is rotted in far too many spots.

009 It does look nice from a distance (ignore weeds, OK?)


005 Trying to find a safe patch for the ladder


002Looks different back there now!

The Patriarch has some drywall patching to do before we can paint the master bedroom. Having poured some of the wall paint into a bowl, I’m a little worried that it won’t read the light silvery gray we were aiming for, but rather just read white, so I’ll paint a big swatch while I wait for his part to be done.

That’s the little bit o’ remodel from Shady Fifth for this week.

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