Monday, July 18, 2011

Big News in Food Today!

Clara got her braces off and after this celebratory GF red velvet cake, she plans to have a whole apple:



But wait: there’s even bigger food-related news. When we first realized Tarquin had hyper IgE like his sisters (at age four months), the plan was always that he would have nothing but elemental (prescription) formula until he turned five. This happens in a couple of weeks, and we had a planning meeting with their immunologist today. She green lighted trials on the first five foods the girls were able to eat after their two years off food: rice, organic turkey without additives, broccoli, pear juice, and olive oil for cooking the turkey when in patty form.

We’d been worried that he might not do well with the taboo of eating. And he was quite worried about his first grain of rice – we had to talk him into this:

002 Doesn’t he look terrified?


But he’s done really well this evening. We go up incrementally; one grain, wait 15 minutes, two grains, wait 10 minutes, four grains, wait 10 minutes . . . you get the idea. He has had no reaction at all, and is up to a bowl of rice successfully. We will wait three days on just rice and elemental formula, then trial turkey. After we get these first five foods we’ll wait a few weeks before trialing anything else.

018 Mmmmmm!


It was funny, I had to teach him how to chew and swallow when he got up to a mouthful. He really loves the sweet flavor of white rice and this is a pretty big moment in his history!


Carolyn Young said...

Wow, I just saw this. I had no idea all you have been through. I will never complain about gluten and dairy again!

Carolyn Y

Carolyn Young said...

Wow, I will never complain again about having to deal with gluten and dairy. May the Lord continue to heal and reveal the things you need to know to travel this journey!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful faminly. I am sorry for the disorder your children have. Maybe you have already addressed this but I have done some reading on bad gut bacteria and it's effect on the immune system. It is coming out that Autism children have abnormal gut bacteria. There's also a correlation between allergies and gut bacteria. 80 percent of the immune system is dependant on good gut bacteria. It may be interesting to read about this at "Dr.", also "Gut Bacteria" at Wickipedia. Natasha wants to sell books but there is some interesting info there. I am into raw goats milk kefir and have read of the excellent benefits of it. Anyway, one way or another I hope your children make progress in getting well. Regards, Laverne

Kimberly said...

Thanks for your comment, Laverne. Yes, you're right, gut bacteria is a huge component of our immune system, and more information is coming out all of the time on this. We are fortunate that our children's immunologist is fascinated by the subject and has devoted much of her free time in the last couple of years toward studying this gut-immune system link.

Sadly, at this time, the rest of us are able to drink kefir cultures, but not the three little guys. We trialed water kefir on the girls but they reacted to something in there. They do do OK with lacto-fermented pickles, so that's something!