Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Birthday Present

We were awaiting another of my birthday presents, due to arrive today – I got the call from the post office that I had a peeping package, and ran over to pick up these sweeties:


They are a birthday present from a very special aunt. They’re Welsh Harlequin ducks, and we’re raising them for a number of reasons instead of the chickens I’d wanted for over a decade now. This may not work out long term – we’ll see if I end up with chickens after all – but we’re giving the Welsh Harlequins a go. This breed does lay about the same amount of eggs that a chicken does, and we have a wonderful young lady at our church that raises Welsh Harlequins among other breeds and has sold us some duck eggs in the past. We couldn’t tell a flavor difference here (speaking of a difference between fresh free range chicken eggs; store bought eggs aren’t a fair comparison) and the duck eggs are slightly larger. The only slightly ominous input has been how many people say, “They’re so messy, we switched to chickens”. As I say, we’ll see.

New baby anythings are so cute!



We have a stock tank here that was bought as a birth tub. Perfect brooder!



We took an old roaster and put some hardware cloth over it, and coming off it to make a ramp (taping the edges for safety), and put the waterer on top of that so that there’s not a huge mess where their water is.


They’re all female, naturally, and we’ve chosen four names but we’re holding off assigning the names to the individuals until we learn the personalities involved. The girls mutually came up with the first three, and the little girls chose the fourth: “Jemima Dorothy”, “Lucy” & “Ethel”, and “Nancy Drew”. We’re hoping to find a smart maternal one, two that stick together and hopefully are somewhat silly, and an inquisitive one. Think that’ll work?


caulistats said...

The duckies look so sweet and soft! :-) Have the names been assigned yet?

Kimberly said...

No, but there is one REALLY loud one! She might be Lucy?

caulistats said...

LOL!! Sounds perfect! :^D