Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Loft Bed is Done

This project took longer than the twin storage bed project, but only because The Patriarch and his friend had more trouble finding days to work on it.
But at long last, the loft bed is done and ready for Nigel to move into his study space! Gareth is already sleeping up top. Once again, built using plans by the ever-fabulous Ana White based on this bed unit at Pottery Barn.
The guys modified it to run the steps vertically because we don’t have room for a separate ladder, and as you can see, the bookcases are switched from the original (this to support the steps).
I’ll post again once we’ve gotten it filled in with books and all, but here it is, finished!

As usual, I wish I had Pottery Barn’s photographer here to do the bed justice!
It’s been so wonderful to have these pieces of furniture grow where there once was a breaking down IKEA trundle bed. And I admit to being really happy to put away the “Espresso Bean” paint and can of polyurethane. Although I did just put them in the garage . . . thinking about some matching storage shelves next year . . .


Anonymous said...

This looks great - good job everyone! I'm having trouble visualizing everything as a whole in the room, though. I'd love to see a room view!

Kimberly said...

Good idea! When Nigel gets his books moved in, and Amazon is sending us a cork/whiteboard, I'll post a pic with that whole end of the room.

caulistats said...

Wow, very nice! I'm confused, though. Who's sleeping where? Has Gareth moved permanently to the loft bed (with Nigel studying underneath), and are Nigel and Tarquin now in the two-bed unit? And is all of this downstairs?

Kimberly said...

You've got it exactly :-). All at one end of downstairs, to the right as you go in the room.