Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day

I had a lovely Mother’s Day! All three of the little ones with hyper IgE had succumbed yet again to coughs, asthma, etc, so I didn’t get to go to church, but they all played quietly together so I was able to get done my yearly reviews for CVA.

Then Sophia cooked me a lovely gluten free alfredo with mushrooms, and The Patriarch cooked a lobster claw beside it:


Mmmmmm. The children all wrote me lovely notes. Nigel loves to create handmade gifts, and he made me some witty bookmarks. The Patriarch and I spent the afternoon online selecting my Mother’s Day gift to order. And Clara spent all day working on my dessert, which she finally completed at 9:30 pm. Unfortunately, it needed to chill for at least four hours, so we had it Monday.

Behold “Black and White Chocolate Dacquiose” from Marcel Desaulniers:


A dacquiose is a disc of baked meringue with rings of buttercream and meringue, or filling and meringue. But this specific dacquiose is a baked disc of meringue and on top of that are alternating rings of dark and white chocolate buttercream, topped with another disc of baked meringue, topped by another layer of alternating chocolate buttercream rings, and then yet another baked disc of meringue, and then the whole thing covered with a layer of dark chocolate buttercream, then chocolate ganache on top of that, and then decorated with ribbons of dark and white chocolate buttercream. And yes, each small slice did contain about 8,964 calories! (Just kidding – I actually don’t want to know)

Pictures sliced, although I’m sad that I’m not a good food photographer (Clara said, looking over my shoulder, “ewwwww it looks disgusting like mashed potatoes or risotto or something”):049


Impossible to describe the taste. The intense richness of the chocolates (white, 85% dark, 60% semi) were wildly contrasted by the airy crunch of the meringue. Her ganache, buttercream, meringue . . . all flawless. And the most amazing part: gluten free.

I’m such a blessed mama.


caulistats said...

That does sound like a nice day (other than having sick little ones). That dinner looks absolutely scrumptious. And that dessert? Oh my gosh. That is a SERIOUSLY serious dessert. I cannot believe all the work that went into that. Whenever a recipe gives a "prep time" figure, I always multiply it by about 4 to get an idea of how long it'll take me, but it often takes me 5-6 times as long as it's supposed to. So if that dessert took Clara all day to make, well, I guess I would need a week. I'm very impressed, Clara. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mmm...it all looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

We all love you SOOO much! You are such a special person and you really help us all to be better people too. . . <3 Just thought I'd let the blogging world know that :)

- Sophie