Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd Garden Tasks and Tour

I didn’t have gardening on today’s agenda, other than hopefully getting some spinach seeds started indoors, because rain was forecast. But sometimes plants and weather have other plans for my time! I noticed the tomato starts, still inside under lights, were all leaning over. Oops. New agenda: Stake tomato plants. Then I noticed that Gareth had completed topping up the bed where the bok choi will live with tomatoes, combined with a sun break, so I dashed outside to plant the bok choi starts and get some photos.

Bok choi ready to plant (just a few, as I lost many starts – think I’ll try direct seeding some more):


All of those white things are cherry blossoms. I’d be delighted by this if they were edible cherries, but they’re “decorative” cherry trees and the source of most of my garden woes!

Herb bed looks good. Thyme in the foreground, chives and garlic chives, and my lovely sage bush beyond. I was delighted that the oregano came back! Parsley is there, too, and doing OK, just visible in this picture at the feet of the sage:




Broccoli (the good bed):


Sad cabbages and chard (something keeps digging in that bed – neighbor’s cats or a raccoon/opossum/who knows):



Snap Peas or Snow Peas (for the second year, I forgot to note which I planted where!):




Lettuce hasn’t really grown any since I transplanted it out – not sure what’s up with that:


And the outrageous kale monsters:


The kale is crazy delicious right now. We’re eating it in pasta, salads, smoothies, whatever.

So that’s a little garden tour. Time to plant those spinach seeds!

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